Delivery, Exercise and Corporate Actions

Futures Physical Delivery

The futures contracts listed below are settled by actual physical delivery of the underlying commodity (physical delivery futures), and customers may not make or receive delivery of the underlying commodity.

To avoid deliveries of expiring futures contracts as well as those resulting from futures options contracts, customers must roll forward or close out positions prior to the Start of the Close-Out Period. If a position exists at the Start of the Close-Out Period, the account becomes subject to an liquidation trade generated by the broker. The liquidation trade will occur at some point between the Start of the Close-Out Period and the respective Cutoff.

It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of the Start of the Close-Out Period. If a customer has not closed out a position in a physical delivery futures contract by that time, the broker may, without additional prior notification, liquidate the customer's position in the expiring futures contract. Note that liquidations will not otherwise impact working orders; customers must ensure that open orders to close positions are adjusted for the actual real-time position.

Exchange Trading Class Contract Month Description Applicable to Cash/IRA Accounts Only Start of Close-Out Period 2 Long Futures Cutoff 3 Long Futures Liquidation 5 Short Futures Cutoff 4 Short Futures Liquidation 5
No contract data is available.
  1. Physical Delivery rules for this contract are applicable to Cash/IRA accounts only.
  2. Open positions held after the close of the trading day indicated in this field become subject to liquidation.
  3. First Position Date and Time; cutoff applicable to long positions.
  4. Last Trading Date and Time; cutoff applicable to short positions.
  5. The times listed in "Long Futures Liquidation" and "Short Futures Liquidation" columns are shown in local exchange time.