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Capitalise on Interactive Brokers

To subscribe to Capitalise, log in to Client Portal, then select Menu - Settings - User Settings - Research Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon) - Current Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon)

Capitalise is redefining trading automation — Traders of all levels can now automate their own unique trading plans. The platform requires no coding knowledge, enabling traders to automate their trading ideas using a simple IF... THEN... structure, described in plain English. Trigger conditions can refer to a wide variety of market conditions, technical indicators, and macroeconomic data. A series of conditions and actions forms a strategy that sends trading orders for both market entry and exit, which may run once or in a loop.




Capitalise continuously monitors the markets and sends trading orders at the precise moment that strategy conditions play out, saving hours spent staring at screens nervously anticipating a specific scenario.

By using the Capitalise trading automation system traders create a plan and stick with it — freeing themselves from the emotional influence that can undermine a hard-won plan.




Since the Capitalise platform doesn’t allocate funds for a strategy that hasn’t triggered, traders are empowered to seize every trading opportunity. Only triggered strategies send an order to the market, so traders don’t waste buying power on possibilities that never materialize and can open as many strategies as they like.

Plus, by displaying Information about both trades and holdings, from multiple sources, Capitalise provides a complete overview and makes trading as convenient-as-can-be.

The platform offers a one-stop-shop to follow, control, and execute trading strategies.

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