Application Programming Interfaces

Interface Comparison
Features TWS API (Proprietary) CTCI (FIX)
Description A java-based electronic trading platform written by IB, available through a browser or as a standalone product. An application programming interface that allows you to write custom applications that link to TWS using Java, C++, VB w/Active X, or DDE (Excel). Computer-to-computer interface that uses FIX protocol, which allows you to use IB's order routing network to facilitate your own trading application or front-end.
None Intermediate to Expert Expert
Supported Platforms Windows, MAC, UNIX/Linux Windows - All APIs
MAC, UNIX/Linux - Java API
Windows, MAC, UNIX/Linux
Customer Access Internet with secure login. Internet with secure login through an active TWS session.
  • Internet via secure login
  • Extranet
  • Dedicated line
Supported Order Types More than 40 different order types.
Please refer to the Order Types page on our web site for a full list of all supported order types.
Most of the TWS-supported order types. Most of the TWS-supported order types plus:
  • ISE Facilitation/Solicitation
Message limit per second Depends on speed of manual entry 50 150
Method for placing orders Manual Proprietary API message FIX message
Receive real-time portfolio
update data?
Yes Yes No
Receive real-time market
Yes Yes Yes, via TWS API gateway client.
Sample application available? N/A Yes No
Accessible from multiple
IP addresses?
Yes Yes Internet - Yes
Extranet and Dedicated Line - No
Built-in event/error logging Yes Yes No, must program your own logging.
Advisor allocations Yes Yes
Orders may only be sent to one account at a time.
Support Release Notes
Users' Guide
Customer Service
Software Release Notes
API Users' Guide
Individuals and Non-pro Advisors should send an email to in order to request CTCI integration.

Pro Advisors, Institutions and Brokers should contact their sales representative for integration information.

Integration can take up to one week.
Internet: $10.00
($3 for age 25 and under)

Extranet: $500.00

Dedicated Line: $500.00

VPN: $150.00
Same as TWS Internet: $100.00
$500.00 one-time setup fee.

$1,500.00 (line1)
$1,000.00 (all subsequent lines)

Dedicated Line: same as Extranet

VPN: $150.00
$700.00 one-time setup fee